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Jodie Distad Services

Training Rates
January 1, 2021
•Training Rates $1000 per month (board, training)

•Show Fees -  Day fees $50 per day horses IN training or $70 per day NON training horses 
     Stall, shavings and entries are the sole responsibility of the owners, and will be prebilled. 
     Tack stall split among customers.
     Hauling - $.85 per mile for any hauling with a $50 minimum. $1.00 per mile for 2/more same person owner.
     (The show trailer fills first, if you choose to haul regardless, hauling will be $.50 per mile, 
     for travel for Jodie to be at required event.) (Subject to change with fuel prices)
     Hotel, Camping will be divided equally among clients, and If I bring one of my own I add myself into that. 
     Food, tolls, supplies, (per diem),etc., will also be divided among clients. 
     25% of all monies won while in training or under the guidance of Jodie Distad, will be the percentage 
     paid to Jodie Distad. 
•Banding - $30
•Braiding - $50 
•Show Clip - $25 
•Clean up Clip - $15 
•Vet Fees & Farrier fees will be the sole responsibility of the owner 
•Commissions - 10% of the purchase, or buying price will be paid to Jodie Distad if her services were hired. 
•Insurance - Is the responsibility of the owner of the horse that is either boarding or in training at Jodie Distad Show Horses.
    We will not be held liable for injury or death to any animal.
 •Auction Preparation and handling-30 day minimum training required and 5% of final sale price, $250 no sale fee applies. 
•Photography/Video Preparation - $50.00 
•Lessons -$50/hour 
•Billing - All invoices will be mailed, emailed, or text, by the 1st of the month and are due upon receipt. A non-negotiable late fee will be added to bills not received by the10th of each month. Bills not paid, Jodie Distad Show Horses has the right to the lien of the animal, and any expense the animal incurs during  this time, the owner will be held accountable for.  The animal will not be released until the bill has been paid in full with cash, cashiers check or
 money order.
    Any bad checks received by Jodie Distad will incur an automatic $30 handling fee.